DOORS OPEN: Woo Wizrdary – an eCourse and online community for wannabe eCom-savvy designers

6 Steps to

eCommerce Success


I’m going to be showing you step-by-step how I simplify and structure my eCommerce website builds


how you can swipe my system to finally take on those scary AF WooCommerce jobs you keep referring to someone else.

I hear you asking

Is this just another masterclass???

I’ve seen first hand how I’ve helped transform the careers and lives of designers. Just listen to these ladies…

Haley has been the best mentor and I’m grateful for all the support I have received along the way – she truly goes over and above for her students!! I can clearly see how this will change my business and the course has given me the confidence to charge what I’m worth (which will be double if not more).

Siri Bakke

photo of Brianna with laptop

I loved that the course videos were bite-size and I could action each step as I went along. What seemed like an overwhelming task of building an eCommerce store, was actually a simple process (once I knew how!). Haley was SO helpful along the way and I would definitely recommend the course to anyone wanting to learn how to build WooCommerce stores.

 Briana Kiely

One of the best aspects of the course I found was Haley herself, she is a wealth of information and so active in the course group, it felt like there was no question that was too tricky for her to help us out with. It’s great knowing as you’re working through the course and applying what you’re learning, that Haley is there to lean on if you get stuck.

 Jodie Warters

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