Just launched an epic WooCommerce store for a client? Hate to break it to you, lovely, but your job is far from done.

The next important question to answer is: how can your store help your clients win more customers?

I know what you’re thinking. Why should I care? I’m a designer and my job is to build my client a website.

But just think about how your clients would feel if you promised to help them double their sales on top of building a gorgeously powerful WooCommerce site, and quickly get a sizable ROI back…

Plus, it can skyrocket your own income by:

  • Adding more value to your design & development offerings (and charging a bloody good premium for it!)
  • Building strong relationships with your clients and helping them win sales
  • Standing out from the crowd of Web Designers offering the same old website packages

Let’s get started.

Understanding Conversion Rates

The truth is, no matter how amazing your website is, you’re up against 24 million other online stores battling for people’s attention.  

Not to mention that shoppers will always need that extra push in adding that item to their carts and to check out.

But just a few tweaks to your WooCommerce store will already dramatically improve conversion rates.

What is a conversion rate?

Your conversion rate tells you how well your shop is performing by calculating the number of users who took a desired action on your site, such as making a purchase. But sometimes, it can also be any of the following:

  • Newsletter signups
  • Add to cart or add to wishlist
  • Social media shares
  • Form submissions. 

While all of these are important, this blog will be focusing on boosting an ecommerce site’s sales conversion.

How do you know if you have a good conversion rate?

According to a survey done by Little Data on 687 WooCommerce stores in February 2022, the average conversion rate for WooCommerce is 0.5%.

It’s important to remember, though, that conversion rates typically vary in terms of your target demographics, your industry or the price point, so no need to feel defeated if your rates are low. But this percentage can be a good benchmark for getting started with optimising your site for conversion.

Measuring conversion rates

Here’s a simple formula for calculating your conversion rate:

Conversion rate = number of store purchases / total number of website sessions

You can also track your website conversions using Google Analytics and other analytics platforms and apps available online.

It’s challenging to improve your conversions without knowing your data. So if you haven’t already, make sure to integrate your WooCommerce store with Google Analytics through plugins like WooCommerce Google Analytics or Exact Metrics. 

This will help you dig deeper into your historical data and work out why your products and sales pages are not converting.

If Google Analytics shows you a 50% increase in site visitors this month but sales are down by 35%, then it could mean two things: you may not be attracting your target customers or they may not be convinced with the store’s offering.

It’s simply a must to start tracking important conversion metrics so you can have a baseline for improvement and develop new conversion-boosting strategies.

Doubling (or tripling) your conversion rates

Now let me share 10 ways you can get your client’s customers excited to shop in their stores and boost their conversions.

Download Top 10 Conversion Boosting Hacks for Woo Stores