Cut the Crappy Clients Pack


Delayed payments, ignored questions, and your unsuccessful efforts to live up to their unrealistic expectations – yep, you’ve got yourself a client from hell.

Sadly, they don’t have horns or tails or a faint scent of brimstone – so it’s tough to know if you’re already making a deal with the devil.

Keep undesirable clients away from your creative awesomeness with my Cut the Crappy Clients bundle 

Everything you need to make sure horrible clients don’t slip through the cracks of your screening process and mess with your life.

What You Get

Badass Client Worksheet

to uncover the profile of the perfect client and help you find them

Killer Client Onboarding template

to help you set boundaries in your working relationship and establish some ground rules

Crappy Client Scorecard

to guide you with a set of questions and assess whether it’s a “yes” or a resounding “no”.

Work With Me Form

to make sure you only get the right clients signed up for your exploratory call