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WooCommerce Pricing & Packaging Mini Course


Do you feel capped on what to charge for your design services and constantly low-balled by your clients? I hear you, lady.

This mini course contains easy-to-follow lessons, practical tips, proposal template and more for designers who want to make a tidy profit while feeling valued.

I’ll lay out all the need to know's and considerations you should make when charging clients and increasing your rates, from package inclusions to pricing guides to drafting a proposal.

This mini course is a snapshot of the content you will find in my Woo Wizardry course. Check it out here.

What You Get

Price like a boss

I’ll show you how to get comfortable with hiking up your fees and charging what you’re truly worth – so you can get the pay a lady boss deserves!

Package your Woo site

Learn how you can sell your awesome WooCommerce websites and create an irresistible offer your clients will happily pay a premium for.

Ultimate pricing calculator

Generate a better estimate of the value you deliver to your clients, so you can continue doing what you love while making a gorgeous profit.

Proposal template

Need help pitching your services? My customisable proposal template will help you win over big-budget clients fast!